Playtech Live Releases Adventures Beyond Wonderland!

With Evolution the pioneering force on the live casino scene, Playtech Live is making a push to bring its brand name next to its principal competitor with the release of ‘Adventures Beyond Wonderland’.

This is a brand new and exciting wheel of fortune live game show game adding to Playtech Live’s ‘Spin a Win’ wheel of fortune title. With Evolution releasing ‘Crazy Time’ and ‘Monopoly Live’ adding to its already popular ‘Dreamcatcher’, Playtech Live needed something special to join its ‘Spin a Win’ title. Both the ‘Crazy Time’ and ‘Monopoly Live’ titles are marked improvements on ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Spin a Win’ because of their outstanding bonus rounds and must have instigated the ‘Adventure Beyond Wonderland’ release.

The game has its own dedicated studio and live presenter and is perfect for both high rollers and players on a budget with min-max bets of $/€/£ 0.10-$/€/£ 5,000 per bet, while some casinos limit the max bet to $/€/£ 1,000 or cryptocurrency equivalent.

Furthermore, Adventures Beyond Wonderland uses a manual wheel so there is no RNG dictating the results as the wheel spins naturally, giving players real life results with RTPs from 96.58% up to 96.82%. depending on which option you choose to stake.

It is also an incredibly straightforward game to play. Simply place your bet amount on one of the betting options and let the wheel do the rest of the work. Who knows? You may find yourself netting the max win of $/€/£ 500,000!!!

The Adventures Beyond Wonderland Theme

The story behind the theme of Adventures Beyond Wonderland dates back to 1972.

Playtech Live originally released the Adventures in Wonderland online slot way back in 2016 and it instantly became a hit title as well as the inspiration behind the creation of Adventures Beyond Wonderland, while both titles come from the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland, which ironically derives from the original 1972 film Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

You will see many of the animal characters, cut scenes, and settings on both the Adventures in Wonderland slot and the Adventures Beyond Wonderland game show title played out while you spin the wheel of fortune.

  • Based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Sequel game to Adventures in Wonderland online slot

New & Exciting Bonus Features!

It must be said, Playtech Live has engineered a stunning wheel of fortune game with 4 chances to land bonus rounds. It is the addition of the bonus games that is just one of many reasons why ‘Adventures Beyond Wonderland’ is receiving so many positive reviews and creating hype within the live dealer gaming arena.

Bonus Rounds:

  •  2 Wonder Spins
  •  5 Wonder Spins
  •  Magic Dice Mini Game
  • Mystery Spins

You can bet on 3 of these options which are the Magic Dice Game, 2 Wonder Spins, or 5 Wonder Spins. As for the Mystery Spins bonus, this triggers without the need to place a bet, and although this is a free bet, it is the gift that keeps on giving when it goes on a roll adding multiplier after multiplier to your bets!

54 Segments on the Wheel

The wheel has 54 segments divided into numbers and bonus rounds. Betting on a number will pay back a multiplier amount equal to the number you stake. For example, if you bet on number 5, you will win x5 you bet. All-in-all, there are 4 numbers to take which are 1, 2, 5, and 10.

Number Bets:

  • (96.82% RTP) Number 1 = 22 segments + pays (1x) your bet
  • (96.69% RTP) Number 2 = 15 segments + pays (2x) your bet
  • (96.58% RTP) Number 5 = 5 segments + pays (5x) your bet
  • (96.70% RTP) Number 10 = 4 segments + pays (10x) your bet

Bonus Bets:

  • (Free Bet) Mystery Spins = 2 Segments
  • (96.58% RTP) Magic Dice Mini Game = 2 Segments + pays up to $/€/£ 500,000
  • (96.66% RTP) 2 Wonder Spins = 3 Segments + pays up to $/€/£ 500,000
  • (96.67% RTP) 5 Wonder Spins = 1 Segment + pays up to $/€/£ 500,000

Amazing Graphics, Dedicated Studio, and Presenter

Playtech Live really thought about this title and how it would play out in live casinos in terms of popularity, and this is evident not only from the gameplay, but from the Adventures Beyond Wonderland state-of-the-art studio.

There is a dedicated studio with a live presenter. Now firstly, the presenters are amazing. They understand the game and offer upbeat commentary and add plenty of entertainment value. Adding to this are 3D animated characters from the Alice in Wonderland storyline projected onto the game floor. Amazingly, they interact with the presenter during the main game and come to life when any of the bonus games trigger.

To top it all off, Playtech Live can change the background via the use of a wide screen plasmas. This screen shows settings and cut scenes from the world of Alice in Wonderland and changes according to the seasons. Over Christmas, when the title hit live casinos for the first time, there was a snowy winter Christmas background to celebrate the festive season.

  • Dedicated studio
  • Excellent presenters
  • 3D animated characters
  • Plasma screen background themes

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Vs Other Wheel of Fortune Titles

In comparison to other wheel of fortune game show titles out there, Adventures Beyond Wonderland is one of the best, if not the best title on the market for entertainment. It is a huge improvement on live game show games that we have seen on the live dealer circuit over the last few years which were mainly Dreamcatcher and Spin a Win – both look bland compared to Adventures Beyond Wonderland.

The prime contenders that Adventures Beyond Wonderland is up against is Evolution’s Crazy Time and Monopoly Live, which add their own twists and turns to wheel of fortune style gameplay with their unique and fun bonus rounds. These are unarguably the top 3 titles in the gameshow niche sector of the live casino market, and what it really boils down to is which theme you prefer or whether you prefer to play a variety of wheel of fortune titles as there is not much difference between these titles if we were perfectly honest.