Monopoly Live €5.29 Million x2224 Multiplier Win For 1,058 Players!

Just recently 1,058 players shared a Monopoly Live €5.29 Million x2224 Multiplier win after a double whammy that dished out a ‘Chance’ with an 8x multiplier on the next segment the wheel lands on from the next spin. It just so happens that it was a 4 Rolls bonus!

Crazy Time might be Evolution’s flagship wheel of fortune title, but Monopoly Live is also still an immensely popular live game show paying out millions in prize money! And the odds of both the Chance and ‘4 Rolls’ spinning in on consecutive spins are less than 1%!

Still One of the Easiest & Most Engaging Evolution Live Games

One of the main attractions of Monopoly is that the game theme is the famous HASBRO board game. There is a 54-segment wheel, and the game host spins the wheel manually, giving players 100% natural results. To add to the fun, there is an animated Mr Monopoly character who assists the game host. 

Players can net cash by betting on any of the numbers 1, 2, 5, and/or 10. If the wheel stops on the number wagered, players’ bets multiply accordingly: i.e., 1x, 2x, 5x or 10x, respectively. There are an additional 2 bets which are for the bonus round for which there are 2 segments for the 2 Rolls bonus and 1 segment for the 1 Rolls bonus. 

If you get to the bonus games via the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls bonus, you get 2 or 4 rolls on the board. The more rolls the more multipliers you earn while you can get extra rolls if the 2 dice show a double. What’s more is this is also free of RNGs as an automatic dice machine is action!

Bonus Game’s Final Roll Produced a 2,000x Multiplier on Park Lane!

On the bonus €5.29 Million x2224 Multiplier payout in question, it took 2 spins to get there, and we’ll explain why. The first spin landed on the ‘Chance’, which there are only 2 segments. Then chance shows 8x and spin again. On the next spin those that bet on the ‘4 Rolls’ bonus couldn’t believe their luck!

Mr Monopoly stood up and whisked himself to the 3D augmented reality Monopoly Bonus board, which is a carbon copy of the board game we all know and love, however the background is a busy city giving you an engaging bonus game with special effects and features that add to the fun.

Features include pass go, go to jail, chance or community chest positions and of course the London locations that Monopoly made famous across the globe. Each location has a multiplier while as always you hope to avoid fines or go to jail! 

When the bonus begins, it adds multipliers on every London location before the dice roll. And as on this occasion there was a x8 multiplier, Mr Monopoly made sure the multipliers increased. The largest multiplier was a whopping 2,000x on Park Lane, up from its original 400x prior to applying the Chance multiplier. 

This is how players collected their x2225 multipliers via the 4 Roll bonus!

  1. On the first roll players picked up a 40x at Kings Cross Station!
  2. The second roll took them to Marylebone Station for another 40x!
  3. Roll 3 was a double making it free roll and took players to Coventry Street where a 64x multiplier was waiting for them!
  4. Roll number 4 hit the Community Chest which gave away a 10x multiplier, but of course the Chance applied to the win making it 80x!
  5. It was time for the final roll and players needed a 6 to take them to Park Lane for that elusive 2,000x multiplier, and magically that’s exactly what happened!

40x, 40x, 64x, 80x, and then 2,000x made it a total win of x2225 for all players that placed a wager on the 4 Rolls bonus!