Cribbage: Rules, Guides & Tips

If you’re searching for an engaging and strategic card game in the realm of online casinos, look no further than Cribbage. With its rich history and unique gameplay, Cribbage has captivated players for centuries. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the rules, mechanics, and essential tips to help you excel in this exciting casino game. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to master Cribbage and potentially win real money. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Rules of Cribbage

Cribbage is a card game typically played by two players, although variations exist for three or four players. The objective of the game is to score points by forming specific combinations with the cards and reaching the target score before your opponent. Here are the fundamental rules:

  1. Deck and Cards: Cribbage is played with a standard 52-card deck. The cards rank from Ace (low) to King (high).
  2. Starting the Game: Each player is dealt six cards. From these six cards, each player chooses four cards to keep and places two cards face-down in a separate pile called the “crib.” The crib will be scored later in the game.
  3. Counting Points: Players take turns playing one card at a time, starting with the non-dealer. As cards are played, the cumulative total is calculated. Face cards count as ten, and all other cards count as their face value. The total cannot exceed 31. Players earn points during the play based on specific combinations, such as pairs, runs, and summing to 15.
  4. Go: If a player cannot play a card without exceeding 31, they say “Go,” and the other player continues until they can no longer play. The player who said “Go” earns one point for each card played before reaching 31.
  5. The Crib: After the play, the non-dealer scores the crib in combination with a community card known as the “starter.” The same combinations that earn points during the play can be scored for the crib.
  6. Scoring the Hands: After the crib, both players score their hands, considering the remaining cards and the starter card. Points are awarded for combinations such as pairs, runs, flushes, and reaching exact totals.
  7. Winning the Game: The first player to reach the target score, typically 121, wins the game. The target score can be adjusted based on the players’ preferences.

Essential Tips for Cribbage Success

To improve your Cribbage skills and increase your chances of winning, consider the following tips:

  1. Pay Attention to the Discards: When choosing cards to discard into the crib, consider their value for potential combinations. Discarding cards that can form pairs, runs, or add up to 15 can significantly boost your scoring opportunities.
  2. Play Defense: Keep track of the cards your opponent plays and the potential combinations they may be aiming for. By denying them specific cards or blocking their scoring opportunities, you can gain an advantage.
  3. Pegging Strategies: During the play, aim to maximize your pegging opportunities. Play cards that can form combinations with your opponent’s cards or reach 15 to earn points. Be strategic in managing your card combinations to score effectively.
  4. Calculate Probabilities: Assess the probabilities of certain card combinations appearing based on the cards that have already been played. This will help you make more informed decisions and adapt your strategies accordingly.
  5. Practice Counting: Becoming proficient at counting quickly and accurately is essential in Cribbage. Practice counting the cards played and calculating totals to gain a competitive edge.
  6. Utilize Online Casino Sites: Take advantage of online casino sites that offer Cribbage to practice and refine your skills. These sites often provide opportunities to play against other players of varying skill levels, helping you improve your gameplay.
  7. Focus on Positioning: Being the dealer has its advantages, as you have more control over the discard and can score points from the crib. However, being a non-dealer gives you the opportunity to lead in the pegging stage, potentially gaining more points. Understand the strengths of each position and adjust your strategies accordingly.


Cribbage is a fascinating card game that combines strategy, skill, and calculation. By familiarizing yourself with the rules and implementing effective tips and strategies, you can elevate your Cribbage gameplay and increase your chances of success. Remember to pay attention to discards, play defensively, and be strategic in your pegging and scoring. Utilize online casino sites to practice and improve your skills. With dedication and practice, you’ll become a formidable Cribbage player and potentially win real money in the exciting world of online casino games. Good luck and enjoy the journey of mastering Cribbage!