LIVE Casino Dealer Suites

Live casinos are the latest rage for those that love to play table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and even dice. Today almost every online casino has a ‘live dealer’ option where you can play table games versus the house with a real-life dealer or croupier managing the game.

Essentially, the idea is to give players an authentic casino gaming experience that comes as close as possible to being inside a live casino without actually having to step foot inside one.

In this article, we are going briefly look at why live dealer gaming is preferred versus virtual games, some of the drawbacks that come with live dealer gameplay, and what to possibly expect from live casinos in the future. 

Why Do Some Players Prefer LIVE Dealer Casinos?

There are several reasons why live casinos have become so popular. This includes authenticity, trustworthiness and the fact there is a certain social element that comes with live gaming.

  1. Authenticity

This is the most obvious reason, and needless to say, the high-quality live HD stream focusing on a real casino table gives you the feeling that you are at a real casino table – and by all accounts you are at a real table!

The fact that you can place your chips on the table via invisible betting interfaces that are laid across the table, coupled with the fact that there is a live dealer chatting and performing all the same tasks a dealer/croupier would be in a brick and mortar casino, really gives live dealer gaming its well-deserved reputation for offering authentic casino gaming to online players.

Regular live casino players will have the live casino hooked up to a 100-inch widescreen TV in their living room in order to add even more authenticity to their casino gaming.

  • Trustworthiness

Some people do not trust random number generators (RNGs) used to determine the results of virtual casino games. Instead, live dealer suites eliminate the need for RNGs as the results are determined by a real person (the live dealer) who unfolds all the action in front of you in real-time.

  • Social Aspect

Probably one of the best features nearly all live casinos have added to their tables is a chat function that gives you the ability to chat with the dealer or croupier.

As long as you stay polite and courteous, then you can literally ask anything you like, and the dealer will usually reply. When there are only one or two other players on the table, this can be quite fun because you can actually have an engaging conversation.

If you manage to engage the dealer enough, or you become a regular player at that table so the dealer starts to recognize your player name, the dealer will start asking you questions back!

What Are the Disadvantages to Playing LIVE Dealer Games?

We have looked at some of the benefits that come with playing live dealer games. Now it is time to consider some possible drawbacks. As such, we have listed 4 disadvantages each of will depend on what type of player you are.

  1. Less Time

LIVE games may not suit less experienced players

One of the disadvantages of playing online live dealer games is the same as you would experience when playing in a live casino.

The dealer or croupier will be calling time on bets. This means you will be forced to act more quickly than you would have to on a virtual casino table. If you are not an experienced player or you prefer playing at your own pace, then live games could be a little too fast for you, which could possibly result in you making bad decisions.

  • Playing On Shared Tables

This point applies to players that prefer to play at a fast pace

Unless you are a high roller and can afford to play at your own private VIP table you are going to be playing on shared tables in your live casino. This may not be ideal if you are someone that likes to play roulette or blackjack at a fast pace. Other players may slow you down as they take their time laying down their bets.

If you played on a virtual table game, then you can play multiple tables, as fast or as slow as you like, and even play games like blackjack at your own private table betting on multiple seats.

  • Live Games Often Have Higher Stakes

Low budget players cannot yet take advantage of LIVE dealer games

Although LIVE dealer games are now beginning to introduce lower stake games, not many casinos offer micro stakes for budget players.

Most tables used to have a minimum bet of $1.00. Now that figure has dropped to around $0.50 per bet with some of the larger online casinos offering stakes as low as $0.10 per bet on their live dealer games.

On the other hand, nearly every online casino has virtual casino games that offer tables where the minimum bet is as low as $0.01.

  • Mobile Players

This applies to those that only play casino games on their mobile

A large majority of online casinos have not yet made all their live casino games mobile-friendly as of yet. If you are predominantly a mobile casino player and prefer to live dealer games, then make sure you check to see how many live dealer games are available for mobile play. Most of the time you will be surprised at how short the list is.

The Future of LIVE Casino Gaming

As live dealer gaming continues to grow in popularity, we will likely see more features added as the online casino marketing teams continue to look for ways to enhance their live dealer offerings. Here are just some of the innovations that have come to light since live dealer gaming began.

Live Dealer Games on The Move: Already we are seeing an increasing number of live dealer games optimized so mobile players can access games on their tablets and even their smartphones.

Bet Behind Feature: Another cool feature that Evolution Gaming came up with is the ‘Bet Behind’ function at the live blackjack tables. When a table is full, which can happen in peak hours, players are never turned away. Instead, while they wait, they can bet on another player’s hand at the table. This obviously comes with the risk of betting on a hand owned by player that does know how to play blackjack.

Betting on casino tables in real casinos: Currently, some live casinos have a roulette table inside London’s Hippodrome casino. You can sit at this table, which is open 24/7, alongside players that are physically in the casino and place bets on the game!

For some live casino players, they would like to see the live dealer software providers work faster on encouraging all online casinos that use their live dealer tables to make mobile gameplay available on all tables.

Conversely, there are others that would like to see more live dealer tables made available from famous casinos such as the Hippodrome. Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Atlantic City, Melbourne, and more famous cities could be added giving players global reach from the comfort of their own living room!