How To Play Keno And What It’s All About!

Ever wonder what Keno is all about? Well, we have all you need to play this game to the best of your ability! From how to play Keno to the best games to play, we have it all! There is the option of both video and Live Keno, both come with their pros and cons. Video poker has more of a thrill, while live casino can be compared more to a fun game of Bingo.

First, let’s look at what Keno is. Keno is a lottery-like gambling game, traditionally played with balls that have numbers printed all over them. Found at a lot of land-based casinos, the online world of gambling is slowly but surely picking up on the trend. With the growing demand for online Keno games, software providers have gotten more creative on the game topics. Gamblers are now able to enjoy Keno games in a large variety of enticing themes.

How To Play Keno

When starting a game of Keno, players will be presented with a card. The card will display the numbers 1 to 80, with 10 rows of 8 numbers per line. When you are ready to place your bets, you will select the numbers you believe are most likely to show up. The more numbers that match those being drawn, the bigger the win!

Traditionally players are allowed to mark between 1 and 10 numbers on the card, but with online casinos constantly making improvements to already great games, players can now pick up to 20 numbers on some newer games.

The payout system varies depending on the game that has been selected. The rules will remain the same, no matter which Keno platform you choose. The only differentiating factors will be design, bet amount range, and payouts differ. 

When checking for a win, there is no need to take the number sequence into account. As long as the numbers show on both sides, it is considered a match.

What Are The Best Keno Games?

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Keno is a game filled with infrequency, making it a game based on pure luck! Don’t take this game too seriously, it is more about showing the player what the gambling hype is all about. 

Now It’s Time To Dive Right Into A Game of Keno

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