NetEnt Release New Fully Mobile Compatible Live Roulette Interface

Canadian live casino players will be ecstatic to learn that NetEnt has just announced the release of a brand new fully mobile compatible live roulette table. NetEnt Live adds their new style roulette table to a collection of other live games that are also available on its live network with this latest modification improving player’s experience in both landscape and portrait as well as the addition of racetrack bets.

This latest version includes brand new features that will enhance players’ gameplay experience. Players now have an improved version of the portrait version of the gameplay via their mobile device and optimized performance using live dealer technology to ensure their roulette tables work on all current screen sizes for all the latest tech on the market.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect on new and improve tables:

Racetrack: If you want to make call bets (French Bets) on Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins, and Zero Neighbour bets, you can pull up the racetrack and make your bets. The odds of winning on the Neighbours of Zero bet covers 17 numbers and gives you a 45.9% RTP.

Landscape & Portrait View History: In landscape view, you will see 34 of the most recent numbers and if you want to play in portrait, you will have 18 numbers on the history board.

Immersive Video View: immersive streaming has been considerably improved making their mobile style roulette product the best on the market as no other live dealer platform has implemented this latest immersive tech. Players get immersive views of the table, dealer, and wheel while the action on folds on each coup which is close to 50% and 100% of your screen.

What is a Roulette Racetrack Bet?

These are known as ‘call bets’ in which you place bets on a racetrack. These numbers basically split up sections of the roulette wheel. Therefore, rather than betting on random numbers during your session, the roulette racetrack gives you more direction or strategy.

Effectively, you are placing a wager on which part or section of the wheel the roulette ball will land at the end of the coup. This style of betting has always been very popular because it improves a player’s chances of winning more inside bets and it makes sense to split up the roulette wheel into sections for improved odds of winning.

Source: NetEnt

There are the odds of winning each one:

  • Jeu Zero – 13.5% RTP
  • Voisins du Zero – 45.9% RTP
  • Tiers du Cylindre – 32.4% RTP
  • Orphelins – 21.6% RTP

This style of betting is broken down into a mix of straight bets, split bets, and corner bets so you cannot place only a single chip on each bet.

  • Jeu Zero – 4 chips
  • Voisins du Zero – 9 chips
  • Tiers du Cylindre – 6 chips
  • Orphelins – 5 or 8 chips

What Other Live Mobile Games are Available at NetEnt Live Dealer Casinos?

NetEnt has created a large network of games, dealers, and croupiers within its live dealer network. Every dealer and croupier has been fully trained, there are chat options available, and the betting interfaces use virtual chips while real-time HD webcams stream the blackjack dealers, roulette croupiers, blackjack cards, and roulette wheels.

Here is a list of all current mobile live dealer tables currently available:

  • Branded Casino Blitz Blackjack (99.5% RTP)
  • Classic Roulette LIVE (97.3% RTP)
  • Auto Roulette (97.3% RTP)
  • VIP Roulette LIVE (97.3% RTP)
  • Perfect Blackjack (99.5% RTP)
  • BLITZ Blackjack – (99.5% RTP)

NetEnt Live Casinos Are Fully Licensed for Canadians

The world’s largest online casino licensing body is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This remote casino licensing organisation is governed under EU laws. Now you may be thinking just how EU laws protect or even apply to Canadian players; however, we can explain exactly how this works.

As the EU wants to attract consumers globally, all consumer rights and privacy laws placed upon NetEnt via its MGA license must apply to any non-EU consumer that uses NetEnt’s services. This means that anyone outside of the EU gets the same protection as those within the EU.

The idea behind this line of thinking is so that people around the world know they can do business safely and securely with any EU based company. If your casino offers NetEnt games of any type, including online slots and virtual table games, plus NetEnt LIVE casino games, then you can rest assured that you are fully protected.

If you ever have any issues, then you just need to visit the eCOGRA website and fill in the player dispute form. Under EU law, the MGA is obliged to deal with your complaint regardless of your citizenship as long as the casino you have an issue with is in fact licensed by the MGA.

NetEnt also holds licenses with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Gibraltar Government, which do not apply to Canadian citizens but goes to show that NetEnt is a trustworthy company as it has passed multiple licensing applications.

  • Malta Gaming Authority licence
  • Canadian players protected by EU laws
  • Full complaints system for Canadian players
  • Hold multiple remote gambling licenses

eCOGRA Approved Gaming Environment

Another organisation that protects Canadian live dealer players is eCOGRA. This is an independent organisation that was set up to protect online casino players way back when remote casino gambling licenses were not really used or regulated by governments. The idea of eCOGRA has always been to act as a mediator between players and casinos.

Casinos that are seen to toe the line are able to obtain an eCOGRA seal of approval, which by the way is extremely difficult to obtain. The only way a casino can get this seal of approval is to agree that eCOGRA will act as a mediator between player and casino in case of a dispute. Once evidence from both sides has been submitted, eCOGRA’s final decision must stand. If the casino disagrees, then it will lose its eCOGRA seal of approval.

NetEnt is a full and upstanding member of this organisation giving LIVE casino players Canada yet another outlet should they feel unfairly treated.

Do You Want To Test Out a NetEnt Mobile Live Dealer Table?

Check out the live dealer table below in action. You can use your desktop or mobile device as we have been able to stream this table directly from the NetEnt live dealer studio to give you an example of the quality of live dealer games available from this live casino platform.