How To Play Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the few gambling games that rely mostly on skill. Before going all in, let’s look at how to play baccarat and hopefully gain some rewards along the way. Not one of the most popular forms of gambling, some may be wondering, what is Baccarat? Well, it’s a card game played between two hands, the dealer and the player. Each round, also known as a baccarat coup, allows for three possible outcomes. Either the player will win, the dealer will win, or there will be a tie.

Let’s Look At How To Play Baccarat

During the game, the dealer will use six to eight decks of cards. As mentioned, the cards then get dealt into two hands. Once the dealer has dealt two cards per hand, the value of the cards is calculated.

It is important to remember that all cards with the value K, Q, J, or 10 will be valued at zero, while the rest are calculated at face value, ace being 1. If the total value of the hand equates to a two-digit number, only the second number is counted.

  • For example, two cards are received by the player, one is the value of 5, and the other the value of 8, equals 13. This means the player’s final score would be 3.

If players score 8 or 9 in the first two cards, they will be awarded the win straight away. Known as a ‘natural win’, this is the ideal turn out for any Baccarat player.

If no natural win is achieved and the player has a total of five or less, then the player will receive another card. If the player does not need more cards and stands, then the dealer will need a card with a value of four or less. With the ideal scores being 8 or 9, both the player and the dealer need to do what they can to keep their score as close to that as possible.

Now It’s Time To Put What You Learned To Use!

It’s time to put those skills to good use. Here are the top 5 crypto casinos that offer some high stakes Baccarat.

1. BitCasino.io

2. Betchain

3. KingBit

4. Fortune Jack

5. mBit

With Baccarat, the skill displayed plays a massive role in the outcome of the hand, but players still rely fully on the luck of the draw to find out where they stand!

Live Baccarat Will Add That Extra Thrill

The live gambling aspect allows for more fun and when it comes to Baccarat, it is no different. Live Baccarat is not for the faint-hearted, with constant action players will be at the edge of their seats. If you take to the do’s and don’ts of Baccarat quickly, then try out the live options to add a little bit more edge.

Baccarat is A Game of Cards Fit For a King!

Whether players are in the mood for a gripping game or a laid back play, Baccarat is what you need. With the classic old school flare of gambling mixed with all the winning opportunities, Baccarat is a game that will remain a firm fixture in the ranks for years to come.