CA$250 Million Total Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Wins For 2019

The figures are still not officially out yet, but speculation is and if we are to go by Microgaming’s 2018 figures of CA$220 million and further take into account the software providers’ Jan 19 – Jun 19 report of CA$132 million with 6 months, the world’s largest network is almost certainly going to report a sum very close to CA$300 million mark – if not more.

To date, the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network (MPJN) boasts an unbelievable CA$1.6 billion in jackpot payouts and that figure does not include the yet to come 2019 results. Only one other network comes close to this figure with NetEnt reporting CA$115 million worth of payouts which is a tic tac in whales mouth compared to Microgaming.

Mega Moolah Remains The highest paying progressive jackpot slot

If we look back to Microgaming’s last 6-monthly report which covers every jackpot win from January 2019 to the end of June 2019, Mega Moolah was the star of the show. The report shows payouts in Euros and the amount paid out was a staggering €13.3 million (CA$19.6 million) win.

Mega Moolah is one of Microgaming’s most prestigious progressive jackpot slots released in 2019 and is made it to our ‘Best Progressive Jackpot Slots For Canadians In 2020’ list reported early in December 2019.

The same slot also holds the Guinness Book of Records for a record-breaking payout on an online slot game of €18.9 (CA$27.7 million) payout which occurred 14 months ago in October 2018. The most recent win beating its previous record set in 2015 which was €17.9 million (CA$2.6 million) for a 25p bet (CA$0.44) bet.

Over CA$1.9 billion in Progressive Jackpot Payouts

To date, without counting 2019’s unannounced figures, the Microgaming progressive jackpot network is closing in on CA$2 billion worth of payouts since the network began. Over that time there have been more than 79 billionaires which were confirmed by Microgaming when the network announced is the latest addition to its network – new Wheel of Wishes progressive jackpot slot expected to be rolled out across online casino that host Microgaming jackpot slot games.

Microgaming Just CA$9 Million Off 2018’s Total Progressive Jackpot Payouts

The half-year stats reported by Microgaming give us a clue in regard to what we can expect when Microgaming finally announces its 2019 figure, which are by all accounts are a little late. Although Microgaming has left us some clues in their latest news reports.

In early December 2019, a report from Microgaming revealed yet another Mega Moolah jackpot winner winning a €3.3 (CA$4.8 million) jackpot after placing a €7.25 (CA$10.00) spin bet. In the same report, Microgaming revealed that: (See the report here).

“So far in 2019, Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network has paid out over €121 million (CA$211 million) across more than 1.7 million jackpots”

That’s just CA$9 million away from the 2018 record-breaking payout and we haven’t taken Christmas and New Year into account just yet, which by all accounts is the busiest time of the year and boasts the most progressive jackpot payouts compared to any other month in the year.

Canadian Player Wins Big Playing Mega Moolah

Although Microgaming produces its figures in Euros being an EU based business, many of the jackpot payouts on its network are won by Canadian players. One lucky Canadian winner in netted a huge CA$5.9 Million over an hour and a half playing session. This was once again on Mega Moolah.

It Isn’t Just Millionaires That Microgaming Produces

Check out this infographic produced by Microgaming that breaks down the half-year figures for 2019. There are some impressive stats here, and it is easy to see how our estimated figure of CA$250 Million could become reality once Microgaming releases their 2019 infographic, which we will be announcing as soon as this happens!

New Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Slots For 2020

Right now Microgaming is looking to add numerous online slots to their collection over the course of 2020, but not many of these have been tagged for the progressive jackpot network as of yet. However, the company is set to release its new version of WOW Pot.

Wheel of Wishes – Rehashed WOW Pot Slot Game Coming This February

The latest announcement on the Microgaming newswires is the up and coming Wheel of Fortunes progressive jackpot title that is set to give even Mega Moolah a run for its money. It comes with four jackpots and a bonus round that guarantees that you will win one of them.

As opposed to the original WOW Pot progressive jackpot game that paid out an average of CA$19,514.68 per month and in May last year paid out its highest win of CA$41038.24, the Wheel of Fortune jackpot slot will have a minimum WOW Pot of €2 million (CA$2.9 million). There will also be a ‘Major’ jackpot that will pay out a minimum of €50,000 (CA$73,368.25).

Jackpots are set in the following format from highest to lowest:

  1. Wow Pot
  2. Major
  3. Minor
  4. Mini

You can read more about the slot on the Microgaming news page in the link above titled: “new Wheel of Wishes progressive jackpot slot”.

Which Casinos Currently Operate Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Games?

Even though some casinos have Microgaming games available, it does not guarantee that the casino uses the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network (MPJN).

Some of these casinos only have a small selection of Microgaming jackpots, so make sure you check the casino’s jackpot slots section so you get a good idea of the collection of slots offered from this high paying progressive jackpot network.

Note/Disclaimer: All figures reported here are in Euros taken from Microgaming’s news page. All currency conversions were made on 2020-02-03.