What Are the Best Live Games To Play in 2020?

The most popular desktop and mobile live online betting games come in two main styles and each has its own sets of bonus codes. These are live sports betting and live casino betting. There are a plethora of websites offering both desktop and mobile players to play games such as baccarat, roulette, poker, and blackjack with live dealers using HD webcam tech, while sportsbooks have teams of professionals and state-of-the-art algorithms that are able to update sports betting odds in real-time.

Live sportsbooks are by far the most popular form of live betting in Canada simply because sports appeal to such a wide range of people. Meanwhile, live casino games are also very popular leading to non-stop growth within the online casino industry where ‘live casino’ gaming is becoming increasingly popular amongst Canadian players.

What will we review in this post?

  • What is live sport (in-game) betting?
  • What is a live dealer casino?
  • Live betting website options available

Below we are going to cover live sports betting and why it is so popular. We will then look at what live dealer casinos have to offer as well as why they have hit the ground running within the online casino industry. Finally, we will have created an FAQ section that gives you the options available to you in order to make live sports bets and live casino bets online via your desktop and/or mobile devices from a single website.

What is Live Sports Betting?

  • Place bets while sports games are in action
  • Take advantage of constantly changing odds
  • Offset pre-game bets that look unlikely to win

Live sports betting is also known as ‘in-game’ betting. The reason it is so popular is that this style of betting allows you to place bets while the game is action. One of the attractions to this style of betting is the real-time odds that are continually changing according to how the sports game or event is played out.

It is a little like standing in the middle of a stock exchange and watching the value of shares changing for each company. You could be the person waving a ticket in the air getting your money on the stock in time for a sudden rise in value due to a tip-off or a new report you saw regarding a recent merger or sell-off that could potentially add value to the stock’s current worth.

Make last-minute bets

What makes live or in-game sports betting more entertaining than the stock market are the sheer volume of bets available and the fact that these odds change second by second as a sports game is in progress. For example, it could be a soccer game in the 90th minute and New York FC is winning 1-0 versus Toronto FC. The odds of Toronto winning could be 100-1, but you risk $5.00 on Toronto pulling back 2 goals because there are 6 minutes of added time.

It could be a boxing match in which Wilder is clearly out in front in the 12th round, but suddenly he is knocked out in the last round, and you managed to get a live bet in predicting the knockout.

Another reason live betting is so popular with sports fans is that it gives people to the chance to offset what looks like a losing pre-game bet. Maybe you feel the game is more likely going to tie and the odds look good to make this prediction.

What is Live Casino Betting?

Live casino betting is a luxury afforded mostly to desktop and tablet players. That said, there is an increasing number of live dealer games that are being released specifically for casino players that want to play live games devices with smaller screens/smartphones. The way it works is ingenious, and it has been made available thanks to faster internet speeds and new technology.

The keyword here is ‘real-life’!

Let’s use a blackjack table for our example. There is a live dealer, live table, live cards, and so on. The web-cam points at the table and streams it back to your device. From your device, you will be able to place ‘virtual casino chips’ onto the blackjack table. Intelligent software invisible to the knocked eye has been laid over the top of the table and will record your bet.

After you have made your bet, the dealer will distribute the ‘real-life cards’. You will need to click on ‘hit’, ‘stand’, ‘split’, and any other options available to you. The dealer will see your commands and act accordingly. While the action is unfolding, there is full audio so you can hear the dealer speaking, and you will also have a live chat to communicate with the dealer.

Experience live casino play without physically being inside a casino

It’s pretty amazing stuff, and the same principles apply to games such as poker, roulette, baccarat, and some live casino even have live dice games. Ultimately, live casinos give you a casino gaming experience as close as possible to the experience you would get by physically visiting an online casino.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now you understand the live betting options that will be available to you throughout 2020, we have devised some of the most commonly asked questions from our readers so you can understand exactly what options are available to you in Canada.

Are there websites that offer live sports bets and live casino games?

Yes. All you need to do is find a good live casino that also has a sportsbook if you want to make live bets on both sports and live casino table games.

What are the advantages of using a website that combines live casino and live sports betting?

You will be able to combine your cash and move it between your sports bets and live casino bets. However, you will not be able to move your bonus money harnessed from using bonus codes between the sportsbook and live casino balances.

Can I log into the same account using my mobile and desktop devices?

Yes. Effectively, the website you choose will be web-based. That means you can log on via a web browser from any device or via an app. Even if you log on via an app on your iPhone or Android, you can still log onto the web-based version on your desktop.

In short, you do not need a different account for each device or operating system.

Will I be able to use my casino welcome bonus for sports bets?

To cut to the chase, the answer is no. The reason we put this question in here is to avoid confusion. If you play at a casino or use a sportsbook that combines both live betting options, you will normally need to treat the welcome bonuses separately. This means you can claim two welcome bonus codes; one for sports betting, and one for live casino betting.