How do 243-Ways-To-Win Coin Bets Work?

If you are new to the slot world then you would need to learn about coin betting first. Once you have mastered the coin bet rules, you can begin to understand how to bet on slots that use the 243-ways-to-win no pay line slot machine rule.

Microgaming, NYX, NetEnt, and many other slot developers use this method.

Coins versus Lines

With the 243-ways-to-win virtual slots, there are no strict line limitations as such. Most slot machines in the past would give you the option to select which lines you would like to bet and how many coins you would like to place on each of those lines.

In the case of the new 243-ways-to-win machines, more often than not you will have to bet a minimum of 30 coins. In effect, this is the same as wagering 1 coin on 30 lines, but remember the 243-ways-to-win machines don’t have just 30 pay-lines; instead they have 243 combinations spread around an array of win lines unseen behind the virtual reels.

The bottom line is that despite these machines having no strict number of pay lines, they act as if they are 30 line machines, so the minimum coins per spin are 30 coins.

Using Coin Bets View

If you select a bet of 2 coins, then the total laid out would be 60 coins for the spin. The overall number of being wagered on that spin will show under the ‘Bet’ box.

In the ‘view pays’ box where your balance brought to the slot machine is displayed, the number of coins you have available converted from your balance will be displayed.

Using Credit Bets Views

However, if you select to use ‘credits’, then the ‘Bet’ box will display the monetary value of your bet.

For example, if you bet 2 coins worth $0.05 each, remembering the 243-ways-to-win machines work on the assumption 1 coin is wagered over 30 lines, then this is 60 coins, which are worth $0.05 each; therefore, $0.05 x 60 coins = $3.00 for the total spin bet will be displayed in the ‘Bet’ box.

In the ‘view pays’ box, the total amount of cash you have brought with you onto the slot machine is shown.

Coins versus Money

This part is actually quite easy to understand. If your coin value is $0.05 and you want a spin on a 243-ways-to-win slot, your minimum coin bet is 30 and so this would be $0.05 x 30 = $1.50 a spin. If you bet 10 coins, then as the minimum bet 30 lines, this would be 300 coins on the bet. 300 coins multiplied by a coin value of $0.05 is a $15.00 spin bet.