Evolution Live Mega Ball Pays Out Huge 6-Figure Win!

Evolution, formerly known as Evolution Gaming, has long been the number one live casino software provider, and it is easy to see why this is when its live dealer games are responsible for regularly paying out 6-figure sums—one game, in particular, is its Mega Ball Live lottery-style game title.

Players have the potential to win 10,000x their bet if they can pack out their Mega Ball lotto card with 6 winning lines. For a mere €/$0.20 bet, that is a mega win of €/$2,000 up for grabs on any given round. And this is just an example of players betting using the minimum bet.

On top of this, the game adds in multipliers of up to 100x on up to 3 bonus balls. This is exactly why just recently Evolution announced a total pay-out of €228,573 from a single round of Mega Ball.

Here are the game features that make this live title so appealing:

  • Each round comes with 1 or 2 bonus balls
  • Random multipliers of x5 to x100 applied bonus
  • For multipliers to coin, the bonus ball must be in a winning line
  • Multipliers are applied to the total card winnings and not per line

The 6-Figure Mega Ball Win!

For those of you that are new to this title, it is a lotto style game where 20 numbers drawn from 51 balls rattling inside the Mega Ball lotto machine. To begin playing players can buy between 1 and 200 cards, each one with a 5×5 grid and 25 numbers. When the balls are drawn, the corresponding number is crossed off the card.

Any completed lines of 5 balls running horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and left to right will payout, and the more lines completed, the higher the win. It’s a simple game to play, and a lot of fun!

The €228,573 total payout came via the game’s random multipliers feature and low stakes bets of just €0.20. One lucky player connected 6 lines earning a 10,000x multiplier while 1 of the numbers on the winning card has randomly landed a 100x multiplier brining in a €200,000 win while other players also betting on the same round had fewer lines on their cards, but also landed the 100x multiplier ball on their cards making up for the remaining €28,573 worth of prize money!

Live Mega Ball Features:

  • Bets between €/$0.20 to €/$100
  • Players can purchase 1-200 cards per round
  • Cryptocurrency bets also available
  • 51 numbers with 20 number drawn per round
  • Each card has 25 numbers on a 5×5 grid
  • 5 numbers on a line creates a win
  • Players can create 1 to 6 winning lines

Live Mega Ball Features Payouts:

  • x1 multiplier for 1 line
  • x5 multiplier for 2 lines
  • x50 multiplier for 3 lines
  • x250 multiplier for 4 lines
  • x1,000 multiplier for 5 lines
  • x10,000 multiplier for 6 lines

If Mega Ball looks like a game you would like to play, then check out our online casino reviews and look for casinos with the Evolution live dealer brand. Fortunately, finding Evolution table games shouldn’t be too difficult because the majority of casinos with a live dealer section host Evolution games!