Crazy Time Wheel of Fortune Pays Out Million Euro Prizes!

It is the most expensive online casino game ever made, and it has paid out millions in a single spin! Crazy Time by Evolution is one of the few non-progressive jackpot titles making headlines for pay-outs into the millions, and the only live casino game to make such a mark on the live dealer scene!

This is a 54-segment wheel of fortune with 4 bonus rounds and 4 number multipliers giving players the option to bet on 8 betting opportunities. At the top of the wheel of fortune there is a ‘Top Slot’ feature with 8 symbols that represent the 8 betting opportunities and on the other reel multipliers worth up to a max of ‘50x’.

On the rare occasion that the wheel lands on the same symbol showing on reel 1 of the ‘Top Slot’, the multiplier next to it is guaranteed for whatever multiplier/payout prevails. In total, since the game’s release last year, there have been 3 occasions the wheel landed on the same symbol showing in the ‘Top Slot’ while the multiplier value was 50x, and all 3 occasions created million Euro payouts!

The First €1 Million Euro Milestone

The first time Crazy Time made its million-dollar milestone was back in September last year when 1-spin created a bonus round frenzy on its ‘Coin Flip’ bonus round. A ‘50x’ multiplier was already guaranteed if the wheel were to land on the ‘Coin Flip’ bonus. And to everyone’s surprise, it did!

This is a simple bonus game whereby a ‘Flip-O-Matic’ machine dishes out 2 multiplier values (one red multiplier and 1 blue multiplier). In the red corner, the multiplier revealed was worth ‘750x’. And the presenter flipped the coin, which landed on red. Players that bet on the Coin Flip saw their ‘750x’ multiplier multiplied ‘50x’ again into a ‘37,500x’ multiplier!

In total, 983 players won a share of the €1 million in prize money. To put a finer point on it, anyone that bet the minimum of just €0.10 would have pulled in an incredible €3,750!

The First €10 Million Euro Milestone

It was only a month since the €1 million Euro milestone, and Crazy Time exceeded that payout by ‘10x’ the amount with an extraordinary €10.7 million windfall.

This time the ‘Pachinko’ bonus and ‘50x’ multiplier were showing on the ‘Top Slot’, and the wheel spin stopped on the ‘Pachinko’ wheel segment. As the ball dropped, it hit the ‘Double’ section which eventually produced a ‘5,000x’ multiplier, and on the last drop of the ball, it landed in that multiplier position. With the ‘50x’ multiplier already guaranteed from the ‘Top Slot’, players hit the maximum payout Crazy Time can offer with a ‘50,000x’ multiplier applied to all wins!

Again, just to weigh up what this meant, a bet of just €0.10 would have pulled in an incredible €5,000 win, and anyone with €10 on the ‘Pachinko’ bonus took home €500,000 which is the maximum payout!

February €2.8 Million Euro Payout

Once again, this February just gone, Crazy Time’s name was rattling around the iGaming newswires with another multi-million Euro payday to report.

The ‘Top Slot’ produced the ‘Crazy Time’ bonus plus the ‘50x’ multiplier only for the flapper to teasingly slow and stop in the ‘Crazy Time’ segment. This game takes players over to a 64-segment bonus wheel in a dedicated ‘bonus side studio’. Each segment has a bonus multiplier, and once the wheel stops, that’s the multiplier paid out.

At this stage, players bet on the yellow, green, or blue flapper and the wheel spins. All the while, the live chat window was buzzing with already ecstatic participants thanks to the ‘50x’ ‘Top Slot’ bonus already guaranteed. However, those that bet on the ‘Blue’ flapper were probably not expecting what was to come next.

As the wheel slowed, the blue flapper ticket to the 5,000x multiplier, bringing in a total multiplier worth ‘50,000x’ the bet!