Cloudbet launches Ethereum as a new payment method

The cryptocurrency casino Cloudbet has recently launched new crypto-payment method in their list. Since its inception in 2013 the crypto veteran among the casinos has relied on BTC and BCH as the only payment methods, but in early 2020 introduced and Etherum. This growing cryptocurrency will provide customers with more choice and bring super-fast and ultra-cheap alternative to bitcoin and bitcash. 

Cloudbet casino has grown from strength to strength since opened seven years ago. Members enjoy an excellent variety of games from some of the biggest providers including Microgaming and BetSoft. And with such a growing list of players and services, was inevitable for the brand to introduce another popular payment method to its visitors. 

Why Ethereum?

Bitcoin’s advantages can be described with one sentence; ‘unforgeable digital scarcity’. To derive to those results Satoshi Nakamoto had to sacrifice on chain scalability and on same of the transaction speed, which proven fine with bitcoin players in time. Those trials have created opportunities for new cryptos such as Ethereum, which provides speedy and less costly transfers. In-short Ethereum transactions provide some excellent advantages for betting at Cloudbet, in addition to the unbeatable offers, promotions and high limits already on offer:

  • Perfect for live casinos and betting 
  • great for taking ahead of arbitrage options
  • best for capturing value from a tip before the odds action
  • a suitable option if you are time sensitive, often the story with VIPs
  • a perfect choice if you are looking for prompt withdraw options

How to bet with Ethereum?

Cloudbet Casino has provided and simple and straightforward way of betting with bitcoin and that service continued with ETH. All you need to do is:

 is well known for offering the easiest way to bet with bitcoin and the same is true of Ethereum. Here’s what you need to do to take advantage:

  • Open an account – in just a minute
  • Send directly your Ethereum to your Cloudbet wallet or via a smart contract*

*Please be aware that if you withdraw to a smart contract you must have enough balance to cover the withdraw.

Welcome Bonus for new Ethereum customers?

With the launch of the new payment method Cludbet casino offers some incentives to Ethereum players. All new players using Ethereum as a deposit method can benefit of 100% Welcome Bonus up to 5 ETH. Open and an account now and have fun!

The original version of the article was published by Cloudbet and is part of the Cloudbet Blog’s series on big-picture blockchain stories.