Promotions 29-10-2023

 Betting Bonanza in Indiana: New Entrants Post Bally Bet’s Hiatus 

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) has announced that it has approved licenses for several new online sports betting operators to launch in the state. This comes after Bally Bet, one of the state’s largest online sportsbooks, went offline in June 2023 due to financial difficulties. The new online sports betting operators that the IGC has […]

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Promotions 28-10-2023

Navigating Esports Betting Regulations: Legal and Ethical Considerations

Esports betting is a rapidly growing industry that attracts millions of fans and bettors worldwide. However, the legal and ethical aspects of esports betting are not always clear or consistent across different jurisdictions. In this article, we will explore some of the main challenges and opportunities esports betting faces regarding regulation, consumer protection, integrity, and […]

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Promotions 08-10-2023

Sports Analytics and Betting: Using Data to Gain an Edge in Wagering

Sports betting is a popular and lucrative activity that attracts millions of enthusiasts worldwide. However, it is also a complex and challenging domain that requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and strategy to succeed. Sports analytics is the science of using data to understand and predict sports outcomes, performance, and behavior. It can help sports […]

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Promotions 29-08-2023

The Role of Virtual Reality in Casino Gaming: Immersive Betting Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) has come a long way since its initial inception. As technology advances, various sectors—including healthcare, education, and entertainment—are exploring its capabilities. The casino industry is not exempt from this trend, embracing VR to create immersive betting experiences unlike anything previously possible. Here’s an extensive look at how this ground-breaking technology is transforming […]

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Promotions 23-08-2023

Betting on Non-Sports Events: Navigating Novelty Betting Markets

If you are looking for a way to spice up your betting experience, you might want to consider novelty betting. Novelty betting is a type of wagering that involves betting on non-sports events, such as politics, entertainment, awards, reality shows, and even the weather. Novelty betting markets are often unpredictable, fun, and offer a chance […]

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News 22-03-2021

Monopoly Live €5.29 Million x2224 Multiplier Win For 1,058 Players!

Just recently 1,058 players shared a Monopoly Live €5.29 Million x2224 Multiplier win after a double whammy that dished out a ‘Chance’ with an 8x multiplier on the next segment the wheel lands on from the next spin. It just so happens that it was a 4 Rolls bonus! Crazy Time might be Evolution’s flagship […]

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News 01-03-2021

Crazy Time Wheel of Fortune Pays Out Million Euro Prizes!

It is the most expensive online casino game ever made, and it has paid out millions in a single spin! Crazy Time by Evolution is one of the few non-progressive jackpot titles making headlines for pay-outs into the millions, and the only live casino game to make such a mark on the live dealer scene! […]

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News 21-02-2021

3 Live Roulette Tables That Can Multiply Your Wins Up To 500x!

Live casino software developers are always looking for new ways to spice up the action on traditional casino table games without simply adding a side bet. Over in the Playtech Live, Pragmatic Play Live, and Evolution camps, roulette tables with an added multiplier feature are now the new fad! Lightning Roulette by Evolution Evolution’s Lightning […]

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News 11-02-2021

Evolution Live Mega Ball Pays Out Huge 6-Figure Win!

Evolution, formerly known as Evolution Gaming, has long been the number one live casino software provider, and it is easy to see why this is when its live dealer games are responsible for regularly paying out 6-figure sums—one game, in particular, is its Mega Ball Live lottery-style game title. Players have the potential to win […]

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News 06-01-2021

Playtech Live Releases Adventures Beyond Wonderland!

With Evolution the pioneering force on the live casino scene, Playtech Live is making a push to bring its brand name next to its principal competitor with the release of ‘Adventures Beyond Wonderland’. This is a brand new and exciting wheel of fortune live game show game adding to Playtech Live’s ‘Spin a Win’ wheel […]

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