Blackjack Side Betting Options

One of the exciting sides to playing Blackjack is that it is a casino game that allows side bets. 

Side bets are fun, but they are also a sure-fire way to guarantee that you’re giving the house a much bigger chance of winning. This is due to the side bets being invented to weigh heavily in favour of the house. 

How do I know if a table allows a side bet?

All tables in Blackjack that allow a side betting option always come with an extra space at the player’s spot for the side bet. This is usually a circle or several circles in some cases. There are usually additional odds printed on the feeling, or virtual felt as it were if you play online. 

Can I only wager the side bet?

There isn’t a Blackjack game out there that allows you to only wager the side bet. 

That means you will always have to place your main bet first and then this allows you to place a side bet. In most cases, a side bet should be equal to the amount of the main bet, but this is not always the case. 

On occasion, there are side bets that also come with a minimum and/or maximum bet retriction.

Side bets are sometimes targeted by card counters

If you have read the section on card counters, or if you know about side betting, then you may not be surprised to learn that even the side bet option can be a target for extremely good card counters that are able to keep a true count on the main deck and also figure out how that true count would also benefit a punt on the side bet. 

Is there any kind of side bet strategy aside from card counting?

Really side bets are kind of a pot luck option. However, as with pot luck games such as Roulette and Craps (Dice), there are always ways to apply a mathematical or logical strategy to these games. 

In Roulette, you would have the advantage of the history board to see previous numbers and colours. When you happen to not see a particular number for a while, most noticeably the 0, then it would make sense in betting on that number consistently until it does eventually appear. 

This is not only common sense but also good judgement as probability would have to kick in eventually and that number appears. 

Basic Strategy and Side Bets Do Work Well Together

Back in the day when there were card counters, the side bet was always off-limits. The only reason someone counting cards in blackjack would use the side bet is to avoid suspicion from the pit bosses as they also knew card counters hated to make side bets. 

This is because card counting relied on blackjack’s mathematical, and perfectly legal, basic strategy formula. Basic strategy is a mathematical strategy used to make the decision according to the cards the player has been dealt and the one face-up card the dealer has showing. 

Players that use basic strategy will avoid side bets at all costs. 

However, if you are a card counter in the casino, and you want to avoid suspicion, a few well-placed bets on the side betting options can be profitable and help to keep your card counting skills under wraps. 

The same would apply to some Blackjack side bets.

Here is a list of some of the most popular and well-known side bets we’ve come across

21+32 through 621 to the RiverBet the BustBonus SpinBuster Blackjack
Bust ItBust MeCasino SurrenderDare any PairField of GoldHigh Tie Blackjack
Hit & Run BlackjackIn betweenInstant 18Jack MagicKing’s BountyLucky Ladies
Lucky LuckyMatch The DealerOver Under 13Pair SquarePerfect CharliePerfect Pairs
Progressive BlackjackRoyal MatchStraight 8’sStreakHigh StreakSuper Sevens
Sweet SixteenTieWheel of Madness