4 Best Movie Themed Online Video Slots You Have To Play!

Most online casinos will have several movie-themed video slot games with cinematic film clips directly from the film being portrayed. 

Popular films are one way for slot developers to give players enjoyable slot themes that they can relate to. Sifting through the huge number of movie-based slot games in order to find the top 5 best movie-themed slots was no easy feat, but we believe we have cracked the formula by giving you a mixture of newly released movie slots, older movie video slots with several versions created, and slots that come with gameplay that is slightly different to the norm such as Playtech’s Kong with two game modes.

In this guide, we are going to cover what we believe to be the 4 most popular movie themes to grace the online slots scene today coming from Play’n Go, Playtech, and Microgaming.

1.    Fortunes of Ali Baba: Play’n GO  

There are several video slots that have based their slot theme on Ali Baba but most of them have been released by relatively unknown slot developers such as Cayetano Gaming, XIN Gaming, and Red Rake. However, now the very well-known and already very distinguished Play’n Go has joined in on the fun with a 5-reel and 20 pay line slot game released in 2020 by Play’n Go called Fortunes of Ali Baba based on the animated movie created from the ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ collection.

The Fortunes of Ali Baba online slot is by far the best version of this famous Arabian storyline, and it has only just been released. It boasts modern 3D graphics and animations, a high RTP of 96.89%, and comes with a ‘Den of Thieves Bonus’ with 5 levels that trigger both spin bet multipliers as well as free spins that combined pay out huge wins.

2.    Gladiator: Playtech Series of Slots

As with Ali Baba, Gladiator is another popular theme and has been done several times over by numerous slot developers. Gladiator slot titles from WMS, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming and Betsoft are all available. Unlike Ali Baba, the slot developers in this list have released some of the most sought-after video slots online today. So, how did we come up with Playtech’s version over all the others?  

Playtech’s versions of Gladiator is closer to the film than any other Gladiator online slot. Plus, Playtech has cinematic clips that are straight from the box office hit released in 2,000. Adding to this, there you have three versions of this slot coming out of the Playtech design studio. 

Gladiator and Gladiator JP are one and the same. Both slot games have 5 reels and 25 pay lines, but there is a jackpot bolted onto the JP version. The original was released in 2008 with an RTP of 94.09%, and then it was re-released with a jackpot in 2012 but a lower RTP of 91.46% to make up for the jackpot. 

With the 2008 Gladiator slot, try not to let the release date fool you. It is still very much an up to date slot with excellent graphics, sounds, and cinematic effects making this slot still very popular and still available at almost all Playtech casinos.

As both original Gladiator slots were so popular, Playtech took things one step further in 2017 and created Gladiator Road to Rome again with 25 pay lines. Cutscenes directly from the film have been added to the slot’s gameplay, and the RTP has been improved to 95.05%. Since its release, it is one of the top 300 online slot games played in Canada.

3.    Kong – The 8th Wonder of the World video slot: Playtech

Once again Playtech has been making deals with film studios in order to bring popular films to the reels. The King Kong online slot was born out of a licensing agreement with Universal Studios and is based on the 2005 box office hit that drew in 562.3 million USD. 

This is a 20-pay and 5-reel slot game with an RTP of 95.5% and it was released in 2011. It boasts high impact graphics, cinematic gameplay that use cutscenes from the 2005 film, and it comes with two exciting game modes giving players the chance to play out the reels in jungle or city mode. 

‘Jungle Mode’ gives players stick wild re-spins and a ‘Skull Island Bonus’ set inside a dense jungle backdrop. 

‘City Mode’ drops players into New York where players can spin out ‘Expanded Wild Respins’ and bump up their session prize money via a ‘City Tower Bonus’.

Kong has become one of Canada’s top 500 most played slots since its release and has gained in popularity since its release.

4.    Jurassic World: Microgaming

There are two video slots produced by Microgaming that stem from the original Jurassic Park film in 1993. Microgaming was the first to the punchline when it came to signing the rights to develop online slots based on the original Jurassic Park: The New Dinosaur and the developer has continued its relationship with Universal Pictures to further create the Jurassic World online slot game which is in the top 100 most played slots in Canada.

The very first version of this slot game was released in 2014 and is still widely played in online casinos in Canada. It is a 243-ways-to-win online slot with medium variance gameplay over 5 reels and has an impressive RTP of 96.67%. 

Following the success of Jurassic, Park Microgaming created the Jurassic World slot game in 2017. Again, this developer opted to use the very popular no pay line concept of 243-ways-to-win over 5 reels but with a lower RTP of 95.45%. 

Both slots show off Microgaming’s ability to create superb animated 3D graphics and first-class sound engineering to boot. Plus, there are tons of features on both versions of the slots including 4 different free spins games with a different number of free spins and a variety of wild symbols that expand, stick or spread across the reels. 

Where Can You Play Slot Games from These Slot Developers?

All three slot developers and all four slots in this guide can be found in the video slot gaming section of numerous online casinos in Canada. Check out the Casino Geeks reviews. We have covered slot developers found at online casinos that we have reviews. 

For Playtech games, you can check out 888 Casino, or for games from all of these developers try Mr Green. For the best welcome bonus deals to with the option to play games produced by Playtech, Play’n Go, and Microgaming, read the welcome bonus review section of our online casino reviews.

Happy hunting!